This innovative training device can help you pick up a ukulele and start playing right now

There’s no research to back this up…but it’s entirely possible the ukulele is the least intimidating instrument in the world. 

Oh, make no mistake — that’s not because the ukulele is just that simple to master. It’s a stringed instrument, so it takes some serious work to get good at it. But admit it…the island favorite, this baby guitar just looks too darn cute to be that big a headache.

Either way, Fret Zealot has come up with their new Ukulele Teaching Device, a new method for training you to pick up a uke and play like it’s been in your hand your whole life. 

The Fret Zealot first got its start with the guitar, but with this new version, it’s now able to help novice ukulele players start strumming and even playing music almost instantly.

The LED-enabled pad slides on to your ukulele just about the frets. When you’re synced with the Fre Zealot app, those LEDs light the way, blinking out to show you exactly where to put your fingers to play any of your favorite songs, island style.

The app is more than just a simple guide, offering a handful of features that make it easy for learners to pick up tips quickly and intuitively without getting bogged down in a book or training video. With the streamlined focus, students get to concentrate on proper technique and developing your own personal playing style from the beginning of your journey.


The Fret Zealot approach is catered to helping each student develop your own method of learning, so you can immediately jump in, pick the chords, notes, scales or songs you want to learn and Fret Zealot will help you get there.

The device is also wicked smart, including an AI feature that will only light up the next note once you’ve played the last one correctly. Or set the whole thing to light show mode and it’ll dazzle your crowd with some illuminating patterns while you skip and slide your way across the strings.

Originally $139.99, you can get a Fret Zealot Ukulele Teaching Device designed for either a concert or tenor instrument for just $99.99, a nearly 30 percent savings.

Prices are subject to change.

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Fret Zealot Ukulele Teaching Device – $99

Play like a pro for $99