Free downloads to print and assemble tiny papercraft arcade consoles

French artist Paiheme Studio created these delightful papercraft arcade video game consoles to keep idle hands busy during the pandemic. They come in three styles, all beautifully displayed on their Instagram:

Here's a tiny Arcade Machine Papercraft that you can make at home ! 🔥 Inspired from my last illustration and the upcoming "Moshimoshi?!" collection, I wanted to create something that you can make during this containment period. A few coloring pages would have been cool but I wanted to go a bit further and give you the possibility to have one of my works at home ! ✌️
➡ The download link is in my bio and my website and it's obviously FREE ! Feel free to share, I'd love to see the result and where you put it in your house ! Stay safe friends ! ❤️

Images: Instagram: Paiheme