One lucky motorcylist

Motorcyclist Malik Elizee is spared as his motorcycle is sent flying in an automotive chain reaction.

Elizee's motorcycle goes sliding away at a near 90degree angle to the direction it, and Elizee were travelling. Read the rest

Jet ski motorcycle

A friend was just telling me that jet skis are like motorcycles for water. Now here's a jet-ski... motorcycle. Some guy in the Netherlands put the shell of a Sea-Doo jet ski over a motorcycle and tooled around. Read the rest

Motorcycle safety: high visibility, low cost vest

I wanted a high visibility vest to wear over my motorcycle jacket. Cycle gear shops carried great looking vests at high prices. I didn't think the job required $80 of artisanal reflectiveness. Read the rest

Pecard, an incredible leather dressing (review)

Pecard leather dressing completely transformed my favorite, beat-into-the-ground motorcycling jacket. My old Triumph jacket went from well faded and dried-out to beautifully worn-in, in one treatment. Read the rest

'Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques' by Lee Parks

In addition to wearing All The Gear, All The Time, I'm always looking for new tips and tricks to help me keep my motorcycle upright. Lee Parks' Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques is a wonderful addition to my library. Read the rest

Proficient Motorcycling

Recently recommended to me by a good friend, I'd never heard of David L. Hough's well-regarded guide to safer riding, Proficient Motorcycling. A very fun read for a foggy Saturday afternoon. Read the rest