Enchanting mix of experimental, minimalist, and ambient cassette music

Brandon Hocura of the excellent Seance Centre record label mined his (and his friends') rare and vintage cassette archive to create this sublime guest mix for the Noise In My Head show on NTS Radio. Read the rest

San Francisco: Kronos Quartet's Kronos Festival April 26-28

Kronos Quartet, my favorite avant-garde classical group, is holding its Kronos Festival 2018 at San Francisco's SF JAZZ Center next week, April 26-28. I've attended multiple Kronos Festivals and they are always wonderful performances, each one an enchanting introduction to global (and local) sounds that are wonderfully unfamiliar to me yet open my ears and mind to new artists and perspectives. Read the rest

Peter Tscherkassky's contemporary cut-up films

Austrian avant-garde filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky makes compelling cut-up movies from "found" 16mm and 35mm footage and samples from other movies. All of the frames and clips are treated in the darkroom, without digital tools. Read the rest

He Walked Among Granite Spires And Heard Celestial Music: short by Joaquin Baldwin

Filmmaker Joaquin Baldwin shares a beautiful new short film with us: composed from footage shot with the Sony HVR-Z5U at some of California's most beautiful wilderness sights. Read the rest

Electronic Literature Vol 2: experimental e-lit from around the globe

"Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2" is a just-published, Creative Commons licensed multiformat volume from the The Electronic Literature Organization. It comprises 63 works:

* Countries: Austria, Australia, Canada, Colombia, France, The Netherlands, Spain, UK, US

* Languages: Catalan, Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

* Formats: Flash, Processing, Java, JavaScript, Inform, HTML, C++

You can get it packaged as a DVD. Read the rest