Man in the big straw hat takes down gunman

I'm no armed robbery expert, but pointing a gun at a man with a mustache so mighty that it can be seen from behind him and the swagger to pull off an unironic straw cowboy hat seems like a solid formula for a bad day.

Case in point: despite being tooled up with what appears to be a wheel gun, the bad dude in this video who's out to rob a butcher shop in Monterrey, Mexico has his ass handed to him by, yes, a man with a giant mustache in a cowboy hat. Even before anything happens, you know it's gonna happen: As the hooded hoodlum points his pistol at the man, he takes his glasses off. Mustachioed shit's gonna go down. While the man had things well in hand, a pair of butchers working in the back of the shop sprung into action. Sadly, without cleavers. Cleavers make any video better.

In the end, the butchers and their bad ass pal in the hat were able to subdue the gunman and hold him for the police.